Our Belief: Machine Learning Engineering will become as popular and welcoming to programmers as the rest of software engineering is today.

Ever since Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage worked on the first Analytical Engine, the practice of computer programming has grown into a field with tens of millions of practitioners worldwide. Incredible applications have been developed on top of standard protocols, languages, and tools, empowering people to become software developers.

By comparison, machine learning engineering is a young discipline. Because of this, it lacks universal approaches to building ML-powered applications. A fractured ecosystem of frameworks, cloud vendors, and hardware still makes it difficult for data scientists and developers to have confidence that their ideas can be turned into working production models without overwhelming forethought and engineering rework.

We don’t believe the industry has to settle for this mess, and that machine learning engineers deserve a better, seamless experience which saves them time and money bringing their breakthroughs to life.

Our mission is to make this friendly future a reality for programmers everywhere.

Logan and Zheng